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    Philip Manshaus, a year-old Norwegian man, shot and killed his adopted stepsister at their home.

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    He then drove to the mosque and shot his way through the glass door before opening fire, hitting no one. He was subdued by three worshippers after a scuffle and turned over to police.

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    Manshaus was convicted of murder and committing an act of terrorism, and sentenced to 21 years preventative detention - an order which, in Norway, can be extended indefinitely. Shooting[ edit ] The door to the mosque after the shooting Before going to the mosque, Manshaus killed his younger stepsister while she was in her bed, firing three bullets into her head and one into her chest.

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    One of the men, Mohammad Rafiq, approached the gunman and pinned him down, moving Manshaus's weapons away after he dropped them.

    Manshaus was not interviewed and the tip was not followed up on.

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    During the scuffle with the perpetrator, Viken gay dating overpowered and disarmed him before he could attack anyone else in the mosque. Manshaus declared himself not guilty and called for his release.

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