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    Mørsvikbotn village and E6 road View from the E6 highway The 1,square-kilometre sq mi municipality is the 48th largest by area out of the municipalities in Norway. Sørfold is the th most populous municipality in Norway with a population of 1, The municipality's population density is 1.

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    The spelling was sørfold singel changed to just Sørfold. On 1 Januarythe Movik farm population: 30 along the Sagfjorden was transferred from Nordfold-Kjerringøy municipality to Sørfold municipality. During the s, there were many municipal mergers across Norway due to the work of the Schei Committee.

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    On 1 Januarythe Øyjord area sørfold singel the Nevelsfjorden population: 81 was transferred to the neighboring municipality of Bodin. On the same date, the Mørsvikbotn area population: was transferred from Nordfold Municipality to Sørfold Municipality.

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    On 1 Januarythe Tårnvika and Øygården area population: 22 along the Sørfolda fjord was transferred from Sørfold to Bodø Municipality. The first element is the prefix sør which means "southern".

    • Lyden av Sørfold er tittelen på solidaritetskonsert for Ukraina i Røsvik kirke, søndag
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    • Solidaritetskonsert for Ukraina - SØRFOLD KOMMUNE
    • Solidaritetskonsert for Ukraina - SØRFOLD KOMMUNE
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    • Bruremarsj Fra Sørfold - song and lyrics by Pust | Spotify
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    The last element is fold which has an unknown meaning maybe "the broad one". The inner part of the fjord is divided into two arms Nordfolda "the northern Folda" and Sørfolda "the southern Folda".

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    On 6 Januarya royal resolution changed the spelling of the name of the municipality to Sørfold. The official blazon is " Azurea turbine wheel argent " Norwegian : I blått et sølv turbinhjul.

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    This means the arms have a blue field background sørfold singel the charge is a turbine wheel for a hydroelectric power plant. The turbine has a tincture of argent which means it is commonly colored white, but if it is made out of sørfold singel, then silver is used. The blue color in the field and the turbine were chosen to symbolize the rivers around the municipality which contain many rapids and waterfalls.

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    These are partly harnessed to generate electricity which has provided a major source of income for the municipality. The arms were designed by Arvid Sveen from Vadsø. It is part of the Salten prosti deanery in the Diocese of Sør-Hålogaland.

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    Churches in Sørfold.