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Singel i lervik. Møbler fra Lervik trevarefabrikk. Fotograf er Nils Williams.

Fahy, Kathryn M. Doi: In particular, we examine the ways in which aspects of space and time facilitate or hinder learning and knowledge sharing in organizations.

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We draw on conceptual tools derived from work influenced largely by Henri Lefebvre to illustrate how a spatial—temporal lens throws new light on the problem of learning and knowledge sharing across organizational communities. We examine these dynamics in a qualitative study with four high-technology engineering companies in the energy singel i lervik and automation and aerospace sectors.

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Building on a situated learning perspective, singel i lervik argue that a spatial and temporal perspective contributes to our understanding of processes of identity construction and the power relations that influence access to forms of participation and learning across organizational communities.

Jonsen, Karsten; Butler, Chtistina L. Human Resource Development International, 8 3s.

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Vis sammendrag The management practice we examine performance management PM -can be regarded as an extension of the traditional performance appraisal, linking individual performance to corporate strategy. Nilsen, Sølvi M. Strategic Management Society annual conference. Weatherhead-Scancor seminar.

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Scancor-Weatherhead annual conference. Academy of Management conference.

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Vis sammendrag The differentiated MNE hinges on specialized subsidiaries that tap into and leverage localized capabilities in host countries. The rich literature on knowledge creating subsidiaries and subsidiary initiative recognizes the localized nature of capabilities but does not fully develop the implications of subsidiary capabilities as supplied by, shaped by, and adapted to host country institutions.

In this study, we contribute to a more contextual and processual account of how subsidiaries can transform institutionally distinct and context-specific capabilities into non-location-bound advantage.

Tema i oppgaven er Lærersamarbeid. Problemstillingen i oppgaven er: Er det forskjell på hvordan mannlige og kvinnelige lærere

We report from a longitudinal, comparative study of the development trajectories of two engineering subsidiaries of a Norwegian shipbuilding group.

We summarize implications of a societal embeddedness view on subsidiary development. Lervik, Jon Erland Coupling processes and the power of associations singel i lervik implementing performance management [Academic lecture].

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European Group of Organization Studies. Lervik, Jon Erland Networks of routines in foreign waters: Cascading misalignments and routine adaptations in global production networks [Academic lecture]. Birnholtz et al. In this paper we trace changes in nested networks of routines in geographically distributed shipbuilding projects, examining how partial relocation of interdependent activities trigger cascading changes to networks of interdependent production routines.


OLKC conference. Academy of Management.

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Academy of International Business. Strategisk HRM 2 Lervik, Jon Erland When offshoring backfires - relocating fabrication and repercussions for activity configurations and value propositions [Academic lecture].


Faculty seminar. Insight from the research project Terrella [Report]. BI Norwegian School of Os speed dating. Høgskolen i Molde. Handelshøyskolen BI. Global Human Resource Management Conference.