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Narvik, founded in when the Ofoten not to be confused with "Lofoten" railway line was completed, boasts Europe's most modern shipping harbor for iron ore. It's also the northernmost electrified railway line in the world.

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It covers a magnificent scenic route, through precipitous mountain terrain and tunnels, over ridges, and across tall stone embankments. The last Norwegian station, Bjørnfjell, is well above the timberline and about 3 hours from Kiruna, Sweden, some km 87 miles north of the Arctic Circle.

You narvik single catch narvik single train at Kiruna to Stockholm.

If you're narvik single from Kiruna to Narvik, take no. Narvik looms large in World War II history books.

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On April 9,10 Nazi destroyers entered Narvik waters to sink two Norwegian battleships. On April 10, a series of five British destroyers arrived to take the German boats on in combat.

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The tragic battle at sea resulted in the sinking of two destroyers on each side. On April 12, the British sent planes to attack the Germans.

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Allied forces were successful in reclaiming Narvik by late May. However, the victory was only momentary. In early June, the Nazis came back to decimate Narvik.

Born and raised here in Norway.

The port of Narvik became a graveyard not only of men, but also of ships from Germany, Britain, Norway, France, and the Netherlands. On June 8,Narvik surrendered to the invading Nazis, who stayed here until the Allies chased them out on May 8, The rebuilt Narvik can be a bit narvik single an eyesore. But its setting in the midst of panoramic forests, majestic fjords, and towering mountains makes it an appealing choice worth a visit.

As an added plus, the Midnight Sun shines here from May 27 to July

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