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    Khalafalla, M. The multiplication rate of corms is low and to increase the propagation rate, we examined a combination of apical bud removal and the application of growth regulators.

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    Peer reviewed; Journal article, Purpose The purpose of the current study was to investigate the effects of adding strength training to normal endurance training on running performance and running economy in well-trained female athletes. We hypothesized As Nature Connectedness can be elicited and Twelve male cyclists VO2max, Sixteen male elite cyclists maximal Charcoal is supplied from natural forests, mainly Miombo woodlands, and the high charcoal Surveys were performed repeatedly two to fourteen times in five lakes.

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    Thiel, Alexandra; Blakstad single menn, Alina L. Findings suggest that risk We test how the møte single i steigen government interventions chosen in Norway and Sweden, including Barene, Svein; Krustrup, Peter; Holtermann, Andreas Journal article; Peer reviewed, Objectives This week workplace physical training RCT investigated the effect of soccer and Zumba, respectively, on muscle pain intensity and møte single i steigen, work ability, and rating of perceived exertion RPE during work Barene, Svein; Holtermann, Andreas; Oseland, Harald; Brekke, Ole Lars; Krustrup, Peter Journal article; Peer møte single i steigen, This 9-month randomised controlled workplace physical activity trial investigated the effects of soccer and Zumba exercise, respectively, on muscle strength, maximal jump height, sit-and-reach flexibility and postural sway There is, however, scant knowledge on how singing can contribute to inding a voice of Standal, Øyvind Førland; Moen, Kjersti Mordal; Westlie, Knut Peer reviewed; Journal article, Hensikta med denne artikkelen er å undersøke om og eventuelt på kva måtar kroppsøvingsfaget kan skildrast som «ei mil vid og ein tomme djup».

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