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The cost of research: Lasting effects of capture, surgery and muscle biopsy on brown bear Ursus arctos movement and physiology. Animal Welfare. ISSN Vaginal temperature and collar activity variations in relation to fecal progestagens of captive moose. Animal Biotelemetry. Body mass is innlandet singel treff with hibernation length, body temperature, and heart rate in free-ranging brown bears. Frontiers in Zoology. Arterial oxygenation and acid—base status before and during oxygen supplementation in captive European bison Bison bonasus immobilized with etorphine-acepromazine-xylazine.

Frontiers in Veterinary Science. Thermal and behavioural responses of moose to chemical immobilisation from a helicopter. European Journal of Wildlife Research.

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Toxic elements in arctic and sub-arctic brown bears: Blood concentrations of As, Cd, Hg and Pb in relation to diet, innlandet singel treff, and human footprint. Environmental Research. Fulltekst i vitenarkiv Hampton, Jordan O. Lead contamination in Australian game meat.

Environmental Science and Pollution Research International. Landscape of fear or landscape of food? Moose hunting triggers an antipredator response in brown bears.

Ecological Applications.

innlandet singel treff

Fulltekst i vitenarkiv Vis sammendrag Hunters can affect the behavior of wildlife by inducing a landscape of fear, selecting individuals with innlandet singel treff traits, or altering resource availability across the landscape. Most research investigating the influence of hunting on wildlife resource selection has focused on target species and less attention has been devoted to nontarget species, such as scavengers that can be both attracted or repelled by hunting activities.

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We used resource selection functions to identify areas where hunters were most likely to kill moose Alces alces in southcentral Sweden during the fall. Then, we used step-selection functions to determine whether female brown bears Ursus arctos selected or avoided these areas and specific resources during the moose hunting season. We found that, during both day and nighttime, female brown bears avoided areas where hunters were more likely to kill moose.

We found evidence that resource selection by brown bears varied substantially during the fall and that some behavioral changes were consistent with disturbance associated with moose hunters. Brown bears were more likely to select concealed locations in young i.

Our results suggest that brown bears react to both spatial and temporal variations in apparent risk during the fall: moose hunters create a landscape of fear innlandet singel treff trigger an antipredator response in a large carnivore even if bears are not specifically targeted during the moose hunting season. Such antipredator responses might lead to indirect habitat loss and lower foraging efficiency and the resulting consequences should be considered when planning hunting seasons.

Lead exposure midt-telemark single klubb brown bears is linked to environmental levels and the distribution of moose kills.

innlandet singel treff

Science of the Total Environment. Fulltekst i vitenarkiv Vis sammendrag Lead Pb is heterogeneously distributed in the environment and multiple sources like Pb ammunition and fossil fuel combustion can increase the risk of exposure in wildlife. Brown bears Ursus arctos in Sweden have higher blood Pb levels compared to bears from other populations, but the sources and routes of exposure are unknown.

innlandet singel treff

We used multiple linear regressions to determine the contribution of both environmental Pb levels estimated from plant roots and moose Alces alces kills to blood Pb concentrations in female brown bears. We found positive relationships between blood Pb concentrations in bears and both the distribution of moose kills by hunters and environmental Pb levels around capture locations.

Our results suggest that the consumption of slaughter remains discarded by moose hunters is a likely significant pathway of Pb exposure and this exposure is additive to environmental Pb exposure in female brown bears in Sweden. We suggest that spatially explicit models, incorporating habitat selection analyses of harvest data, may prove useful in predicting Pb exposure in scavengers. I Tryland, Morten Leirfjord single menn. Springer Nature.

Vis sammendrag Hunting with lead-based ammunition poses a significant single klubb i oppdal risk to humans, wildlife and ecosystems and is a One Health issue in the Arctic. Lead is highly toxic, and there is no safe innlandet singel treff of exposure. In humans, even a moderate intake of meat from game harvested with lead-based ammunition may bring the blood lead level above thresholds for documented toxic effects on several physiological systems.

Improved dressing practices reduce the amount of lead in edible parts, but all lead residues can never be removed.

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The use of lead-based ammunition for hunting also poisons wildlife and contaminates ecosystems and needs to be replaced by non-lead alternatives, which are equally effective and easily available at comparable prices.

A sustainable solution to this One Health lead problem should be based on a multidisciplinary approach that requires science-based innlandet singel treff actions on national and international levels.

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In essence, however, this is an ethical issue that can easily be solved at an individual level. The concept of One Health urges people to think globally and act locally. Extrinsic and intrinsic factors innlandet singel treff the timing of gestation and reproductive success of Scandinavian brown bears. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution. ISSN X. Fulltekst i vitenarkiv Vis sammendrag Introduction: Climate change is altering the reproductive phenology of many organisms, but the factors that influence the timing of gestation in ursids are still poorly understood.

Higher temperatures in spring are sola dating norway causing an earlier den exit in some brown bear populations, and a temporal mismatch between hibernation and reproduction could have dramatic consequences for reproductive success. Therefore, understanding the factors that control the timing of these events is important to forecast the consequences of climate change on population growth rates.

We investigated how intrinsic and extrinsic factors influence the termination of embryonic diapause and parturition, as well as their impact on reproductive success. Results: The termination of embryonic diapause was later in the northern area compared to the southern area and occurred earlier when ambient temperature at den entry was higher in both areas. In the southern area, young adults innlandet singel treff. Additionally, young innlandet singel treff had a lower reproductive success than adults and their probability to reproduce successfully was dependent on bilberry abundance, whereas adult females were not affected by this parameter.

Discussion: As den exit occurs later selje møte single the northern study area, we suggest that a later parturition might ensure that females lactate their cubs in the den for a reasonable amount of time while fasting.

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Similarly, a later parturitioncombined with an earlier emergence could allow young adults to spend less time in the den lactating if they could not reach an optimal body condition prior to hibernation. But as a result, their cubs are younger and more vulnerable when they leave the den leading to lower survival rates.

Our results suggest that a decreased berry abundance in the innlandet singel treff could impact the reproductive and hibernation phenology of Scandinavian brown bear females and lead to a lower cub survival innlandet singel treff potential consequences on the population dynamics.

innlandet singel treff

A comparison of lead-based and lead-free bullets for shooting sambar deer Cervus unicolor in Australia. Wildlife research East Melbourne. Fulltekst i vitenarkiv Vis sammendrag Context: In response to the toxic health threats posed by lead Pbthere is currently a focus on transitioning to lead-free bullets for shooting wild animals. Aim: Innlandet singel treff aimed to quantify the killing efficiency and animal welfare outcomes of lead-based and lead-free copper-based bullets for ground-based shooting of sambar deer Cervus unicolor in Victoria, south-eastern Australia.

Methods: We used shooter-collected data from recreational diurnal hunting and professional nocturnal culling during — Shooters recorded rifle calibre, cartridge type, bullet mass, bullet type, shooting outcomes miss, wound or killshooting distance, flight distance the distance between where the animal was shot and where it died as an assumed innlandet singel treff correlate of time to incapacitation, anatomical zones struck by bullets, and frequency of bullet exit wounds.

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We used flight distance as our response variable, assuming that it is positively correlated with time to incapacitation. To examine the role of several predictor variables including bullet type potentially influencing flight distance, the dataset was reduced to those deer killed with a single thoracic shot. Key results: Our data captured shooting hasvik online dating involving deer, with deer shot at with lead-based bullets and with copper-based bullets.

Conclusions: Lead-based and lead-free bullets produced similar animal welfare outcomes for shooting sambar deer. Implications: A transition to lead-free ammunition for shooting sambar deer would have minimal impact on efficiency or animal welfare outcomes. Lead exposure in American black bears increases with innlandet singel treff and innlandet singel treff game harvest density. Environmental Pollution Fulltekst i vitenarkiv Vis sammendrag Hunting has multiple consequences for wildlife, and it can be an important source of environmental pollution.

Most big game hunters use lead Pb ammunition that shed metal fragments in the tissues of harvested animals. These Pb fragments become available to scavengers when hunters discard contaminated slaughter remains in the environment.

This exposure route has been extensively studied in avian scavengers, but few studies have investigated Pb exposure from ammunition in mammals. Mammalian scavengers, including American black bears Ursus americanusfrequently use slaughter remains discarded innlandet singel treff hunters.

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The objective of this study was to investigate whether big game harvest density influenced long-term Pb exposure in American black bears from Quebec, Canada. Our results showed that female black bears had higher tooth Pb concentrations in areas with higher big game harvest densities, but such relationship was not evident in males. We also showed that older bears had higher tooth Pb concentrations compared to younger ones. Overall, our innlandet singel treff showed that Pb exposure increases with age in black bears and that some of that Innlandet singel treff likely comes from bullet fragments embedded in slaughter remains discarded by hunters.

These results suggest that hunters may drive mammalian scavengers into an evolutionary trap, whereby the long-term benefits of consuming slaughter remains could be negated due to increased Pb exposure. Hampton, Jordan O. Capture mortality and impacts.

I Miller, R. Vis sammendrag Get the latest advances enslig i fjell zoo and wild animal medicine in one invaluable reference! Written by internationally recognized experts, Fowler's Zoo and Wild Animal Medicine: Current Therapy, Volume 10 provides a practical guide to the latest research and clinical management of captive and free-ranging wild animals.

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For each animal, coverage includes topics such as biology, anatomy and special physiology, reproduction, restraint and handling, housing requirements, nutrition and feeding, surgery and anesthesia, diagnostics, and treatment protocols. New topics in this edition include holistic treatments, antibiotic resistance in aquariums, non-invasive imaging for amphibians, emerging reptile viruses, and African ground hornbill medicine, in addition to giant anteater medicine, Brucella in marine animals, and rhinoceros birth parameters.

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Moose Alces alces Linnaeus, Their economic significance and management, as well as future challenges for research and conservation are also addressed. Each chapter includes a distribution map, a photograph of the animal and key literature. This authoritative volume of the Handbook of the Mammals of Europe is a timely and detailed compilation of all European terrestrial cetartiodactyls and will appeal to academics and students in mammal research, as well as to professionals dealing with mammal management, including control, use and conservation.

Body temperature patterns during pregnancy and parturition in moose. Journal of Thermal Biology. Fulltekst i vitenarkiv Vis sammendrag Gestation and lactation have high energetic innlandet singel treff.

Up to three-fourths of the gestation period in moose Alces alces overlaps with the food-scarce period in winter. During this period, moose deal with the limited forage resources available through hypometabolism with decreased heart rate and body temperature Tb. Body temperature is also an indicator of oestrus, pregnancy and parturition, which is well documented in several domestic species.

innlandet singel treff

In this study, we sought to determine if moose displayed a similar Tb pattern during pregnancy and parturition to domesticated ruminants, and if we could detect parturition by combining Tb and activity data.

We documented a 0. Detection of parturition was highly successful when combining Tb and activity data with an accuracy of Innlandet singel treff findings demonstrate that Tb responses to pregnancy and parturition in a wild capital-breeding ruminant are similar to those of domesticated ruminants.

Biting the bullet: a call for action on lead-contaminated meat in food-banks.