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La tankene vandre og stillheten synke inn på Fordypningsrommet Fleinvær utenfor Bodø. Et av flere steder som byr på både formidabel utsikt… … og beroligende innsikt, som her på riverside Suite på Jølstraholmen camping.

Gausdal was previously in Oppland county, but in January the two innlandet dating norway of Oppland and Hedmark were combined and are now known as Innlandet - an inland county with no coastline. In the administrative areas of Østre and Vestre Gausdal - the two main valley areas, east and west - were merged and Gausdal municipality was established.

Landscape and geology In the valleys and part of Gausdal Vestfjell the underlying rock is slate, otherwise it is predominantly sparagmite.

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There have been many finds of ore and there were a number of nickel mines in Espedalen in the nineteenth century. The lower slopes are forested, and there are many mountains above the treeline in the higher areas to the north, eg. Skeikampen m and Prestkampen m lie to the north on the border with Ringebu.

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The whole of Gausdal Vestfjell is state-owned innlandet dating norway land, and in a large area became part of Langsua National Parkwith adjoining protected landscapes and nature reserves. There are many lakes and rivers for fishing and there are endless possiblities for trips in the forests and mountains. Settlement and population Gausdal municipality has 6 inhabitants SSB.

Many live within a 10 km radius of the administrative centre Segalstad Bru population in including the villages of Follebu pop.

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During the last ten to fifteen years the population figures have remained stable. Commerce and industry Gausdal has a robust and active agriculture industry, primarily within dairy farming and meat production, as well as a significant amount of forestry.

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Agriculture provides a good foundation for various production industries. Gausdal has a number of larger businesses within the timber industry - a sawmill and factories making roof trusses and prefabricated elements for house-building.

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The privately owned dairy Q-Meieriet also has a large production unit in Innlandet dating norway. Tourism Travel and tourism is a growth area.

Skeikampen is a mountain hotel resort, with many lodges, apartments and private cabins and there is extensive development.

There are excellent downhill and cross-country skiing facilities, an hole golf course and many paths and tracks for hiking, cycling and cross-country skiing, see Skeikampen. Lillehammer is a tourist hub for the region - see Visit Lillehammer for tourist information in English, German and Norwegian. It is a scenic route known as Bjørnsonvegen, the Bjørnson road, with many places of interest to visitors.

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There is road from Skeikampen over the mountains to Vinstra, only open in the summer months - Peer Gynt Vegen. There is also a mountain road open from Vestre Gausdal going west to Etnedal and Fagernes during the summer months.

This road network is important for tourist traffic.

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The house has been carefully renovated and kept just as it was when Bjørnson and his wife Karoline lived there together until the early part of the 20th century. The house and museum is only open during the summer months, the garden and grounds are open all year round.

There are two fine examples of stone churches dating from the Middle Ages in Gausdal — Follebu and Østre Gausdal, both of which are protected buildings.

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