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    The components pass through the priming and painting process grue single speed fully automatically.

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    The crane components are cleaned of all impurities by means of cut steel shot blasting. The components are degreased, rinsed, activated and coated with zinc phosphating in the individual immersion tanks.

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    After two additional rinsing processes, the surfaces are passivated as well as rinsed with ultra-pure water. The electrostatic cathodic dip painting follows by immersing the crane components completely in the paint.

    Excess paint is washed off in two additional operations with an ultra-filtration rinse. Afterwards, the paint is cured at a temperature of degrees for 1.

    Det er frivillig å gi dette samtykket, og det kan når som helst trekkes tilbake. Les mer om vår personvernerklæring.

    At the end, the crane components are given a water-soluble, environmentally friendly two-component finish coat of paint by a painting robot. Les capteurs de déplacement disposés dans les stabilisateurs permettent de positionner en toute liberté les stabilisateurs.

    Il est ainsi possible de calculer la courbe de travail la plus adaptée dans toutes les situations.

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    La position des stabilisateurs est fournie à l'aide d'un encodeur à câble ou d'un capteur de déplacement magnétostrictif situé dans la poutre de stabilisation. The receiver forwards the signals to the electronics, which convert them into crane movements by means of hydraulic control valves.

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    Any "post-oscillation" is prevented through rapid braking or load changes. The result is a decisive increase to safety in crane operation for employees, the load and building.

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    The signals for the counter-movement of the elevating cylinder are handled by the control valve. The incurred vibration can be cancelled through the exactly determined frequency and wavelength.

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    The result is damping of the arm to just one or two short vibrations so that the arm comes to an immediate standstill.