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Kdoc for Android libraries using Dokka 19 Feb 6 minute read A great way to make your library easier to use it to generate code documentation for its public interface. The default way dokka single speed do this in Kotlin is to generate KDoc using the official Dokka plugin.

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This post will cover some challenges in configuring Dokka and explain some neat tricks to improve your documentation. While it is very similar to the single menn i haram, it also supports inline Markup and allows to easily link to other elements using [ ] brackets.

Basic Dokka configuration Adding Dokka requires to define a dependency in your top-level build. Consequently the resulting [KDoc] dokka single speed contains documentation for your main library module.

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Note: this is because the fat AAR plugin includes the submodules as compileOnly dependencies when using the embed dependency. Unfortunately, using public modifiers is currently the only way to have multiple module libraries until issue gets fixed. Multi-module libraries Luckily there is a way to directly tell Dokka what sources it should include in the documentation via the sourceRoots attribute.

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GradleSourceRootImpl apply plugin: 'com. One way of doing that is moving all classes that are internal to your SDK to a package name ending with internal. Note that you could use proguard on your final AAR to hide non-public classes using obfuscation.

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Now that all classes that should be internal are grouped, they can also be excluded from the documentation: dokka { configuration { GradleSourceRootImpl apply plugin: 'org.

It explained how Dokka can be used for multi-module libraries and how public classes of submodules can be excluded.

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